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Over the years, Howard Bros. have built up a vast knowledge base on embossing Dies & tools, and we now manufacture and supply a range of industries including jewelery, badge and packaging trades. There is a growing demand for embossing tools to produce Braille on medical packaging which has now become a legal requirement. When producing the embossing tools we can digitally calculate offsets for material thickness to avoid pinching and tearing of the material, either engraving onto customers own material or supplying machined blocks from our in house tool room.

  • Import vector files .dxf .dwg
    .ai .eps .plt .pdf .ps
  • Import bitmaps - .jpeg .pcx
    .bmp .tiff .psd
  • Use / supply most materials
    including hardened steel
  • Produce male/female embossing rolls
  • Produce embossing tools on 3
    dimensional surfaces

Do you need advice on creating an embossing tool for s specific application then call howard Brothers and talk to the experts in the manufacture of quality embossing tools